Where threats are isolated and endpoints are secure

Endpoint security solutions from BUFFERZONE, a Shavlik partner, protect enterprises from advanced threats including zero-day, drive-by downloads, phishing scams and APTs. With cutting-edge containment, bridging and intelligence, BUFFERZONE gives employees seamless access to internet applications, mail and removable storage—while keeping the environment safe.

See how BUFFERZONE’s Advanced Endpoint Security keeps your environment safe

How does BUFFERZONE work?

The BUFFERZONE virtual container protects any application that you define as insecure including web browsers, email, Skype, FTP and even removable storage. BUFFERZONE is transparent to both the application and the end-user, yet completely seals off threats from the rest of the computer. Unlike conventional endpoint detection solutions that depend on signatures or behavioral profiles to detect malicious activity, BUFFERZONE simply isolates malware regardless of whether it is known or new, and prevents it from doing any harm.

BUFFERZONE isolates the entire application environment – memory as well as files, registry and network access. Any infection attempt will be confined to the boundaries of the container, and will not reach the actual endpoint or any other part of the organization.

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Ready to take it for a test drive?

See just how BUFFERZONE’s Advanced Endpoint Security can provide the security defense your organization needs, while providing frictionless access for your users. To request a free trial of BUFFERZONE or schedule an online demo, please click the link below:

BUFFERZONE Blocks Ransomware Demo

Ransomware sucks. The FBI is telling companies to pay the ransom and move on. Traditional End Point Protection cannot keep up with detection of ransomware and the ease in which variants can be made. In this demo you can see how BUFFERZONE’s virtual container technology blocks ransomware and other exploits, prevents them from accessing your files, and keeps them from infecting other users in your organization.

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BUFFERZONE’s benefits and features

  • Secure, unrestricted access to internet, email and removable storage
  • Frictionless user experience
  • Defends against advanced malware, APTs, zero-days, drive-by downloads
  • Protects all windows devices inside and outside the corporate network
  • Provides a secure bridge for removing files and data from the container
  • Shares critical intelligence for investigation and forensics
  • Rapid deployment and setup
  • Simple management and small endpoint footprint

White Paper: BUFFERZONE: Advanced Endpoint Security

Enterprise-grade Containment, Bridging and Intelligence

BUFFERZONE defends endpoints against a wide range of advanced targeted threats with patented containment, bridging and intelligence. Employees enjoy frictionless access to the internet, mail and removable storage – while the enterprise stays secure.

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