Actionable Insights for All

Can you communicate or publish patch metrics to every stakeholder in real time, without providing them direct access to Shavlik Protect?

Xtraction solves your visibility challenge by enabling IT and non-technical staff to view interactive summary dashboards in real time, complementing Shavlik Protect. By keeping everyone current, you improve accuracy of risk assessments and speed of response for more effective compliance and patch management.

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What is Xtraction for Shavlik Protect?

Xtraction for Shavlik Protect is a self-service reporting and dashboard solution that’s easy to install and use. It offers security administrators and business stakeholders critical insights, and complements Shavlik Protect by extending your reporting visibility without the need to grant access privileges to Shavlik Protect.

Visualize data quickly from Shavlik Protect. Easily analyze summary information about missing security updates, the availability of patches, time-to-patch, and more—in real time. Sharpen your reporting visibility to better protect your users and their systems.

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Xtraction capabilities

A visually appealing self-service interface lets you and others view summary dashboards. Get the right information into the right hands to evaluate risks faster and focus resources accordingly.

With powerful drill-down capabilities that create more granular views, anyone can discover insights all the way down to individual machines. You gain all the Protect data you need quickly.

Share timely reports easily for greater transparency. Schedule Xtraction content to email or to network folders, or export to popular formats.

Xtraction installs quickly and includes a pre-defined data model for Shavlik Protect.

Role-based access and data policies ensure control over who sees and accesses your security data.

View the information on iPads, a wall board, or from a web browser—wherever, whenever. Provide up-to-the-minute data at a Network Operations Center (NOC) or in a business meeting. No client software is installed.

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