Actionable Intelligence for Anyone

How do you measure and communicate metrics around your security posture when Microsoft SCCM reporting alone doesn’t deliver all the metrics you need?

Xtraction solves this challenge and lets IT and non-technical staff create and view interactive dashboards easily. Gain a consolidated business view of all types of disparate data instantly and visualize the state of your IT security environment. Maximize protection and minimize the disruption and cost of vulnerabilities.

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What is Xtraction?

Xtraction is a self-service reporting and dashboard solution that’s easy to install and use. It offers critical insights to security administrators and business stakeholders and complements Microsoft SCCM reporting, providing incremental insights beyond those already available.

In a single view you can visualize aggregated data from Microsoft SCCM and other sources without coding. Easily analyze intelligence about the availability of patches and time to patch, monitor compliance levels, and more—in real time. Improve your risk assessment accuracy and speed of response to vulnerabilities to better protect your users and their systems.

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Xtraction capabilities

A simple drag-and-drop interface lets anyone create dashboards. Unified disparate data enables you to evaluate risks and vulnerabilities faster.

Navigate through dashboard data quickly and easily. Distill data for deeper analysis and filter results to create specific views of security data for different audiences.

Benefit from pre-defined data sources that are available for enterprise applications and popular relational databases.

Gain access without adding risk. Role-based access and data policies ensure control over who sees and accesses your security and business data.

View the information on iPads, a wall board, or from a web browser—wherever, whenever. Provide up-to-the-minute data at a Network Operations Center (NOC) or in a business meeting. No client software is installed.

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